Smb Manager – Saudi Arabi

Industry: Saudi Arabia Jobs
Location: Saudi Arabi

1. Bachelor degree or above, better in related majors such as network engineering, marketing, marketing management
2. With more than three years of network communications industry, familiar with access network broadband terminal market, big enterprises and SMB to expand experience and resources.,
3. Good understanding of networking products (mainly on switches, wireless AP and PON) and technical trends in networking area, good knowledge of big enterprise customer in Saudi, good relationship with big/key partners.
4. With customer’s public relations, market planning, project coordination capabilities, and familiar with the enterprises market sales project process.
5. Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills ,Independent analysis and judgment, system thinking and planning organization ability.
1. Conduct a thorough investigation of the big enterprise and SMB in Saudi Arabia and customize matching promotion plans according to market conditions
2. Visit customers and carry out corresponding product program promotion, tap clues and business opportunities, and conduct corresponding market planning activities
3. Responsible for collection and analysis of customers and competitors’ information related to related products and solutions

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