Easy Taxi Jeeny – Jeddah

Employer: Intellectual Creative Communication Services Pvt Ltd
Industry: Saudi Arabia Jobs
Location: Saudi Arabia

● *ايزي تاكسي شركة ارماني*
● *موجود في سعودية قبل ٥ سنوات و كنت عندنا سيارات أجرا حق الأجنبي بس الحين قاعد اقبل سيارة خصوصي حق السعوديين*
● *نسبتنا ١٥%*
●  فتح الباب من ٩ ريال*
● *كيلو حاسب 1.30 ريال*
● *كل دقيقة انتظار٢٥ هلاله*
● *كل رحلات نقدية فقط / كل زباين كاش مافي Visa or credit card*
● *عندنا اكثر من مليون زبائن مسجل في برنامج*
● *اذا تبغي سجل تعال/جوال:0571989257
In English…
*Easy taxi jeeny Armani
*Located in saudi Arabia 5 years a ago and we have cars paid thr foreginer right than base get a private car right saudias.. As well..
*We accounted for 15%
*Ride at the open door of 9 riyal
*Kilo meter hasab 1.30 riyal
*Waiting timeAll cash tours only.. No visa or credit card or debit card and passenger give money at time
for 25 crescent
*We have more than one million people registered in the program
*Programs are 1)Go passengers ride & 2)Delivery
*There are also promotions in our programs like if u finish 15 rides company will give u 120 riyal cash or if u finish 6 or 7 rides company will give u 60 to 70 riyal cash..
*Registration is free.
*Come at location: Haifaa Mall Gate 2
Falastin, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 23215
9200 00262
*You are required ID or license or Android mobile..

[ Apply at: [javascript protected email address] ]

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