Maintenance Supervisor – Saudi Arabia

Industry: Saudi Arabia Jobs
Location: Saudi Arabia

Job title
1. Planning daily work in the workshop and distributing work to maintenance staff.
2. Organize staff time in the maintenance department, issue instructions and directives and identify their own tasks.
3. Supervision and work on the maintenance and repair of equipment and heavy vehicles.
4. Determine the requirements of materials and equipment required for maintenance management and its request from the Procurement Department.
5. Determine the human resources requirements for work in the department.
6. Participate in the selection of management staff and determine the training requirements for them and make recommendations accordingly.
7. Work on the application of quality procedures in force in the company.
8. Work on documenting the maintenance operations and opening a special file for each machine alone to know its cost.
9. Ensure the safety of all workers in hazardous and health work.
10. Participate in decision-making regarding maintenance department.
11. Periodic and annual reports on the achievements, problems and failures of senior management
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