Teaching English in Saudi Arabia: The Right Drill

teaching english in saudi arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- a country harboring more than Eight million expats holds immense options for those with the right skills and expertise, be it any field. With constant efforts from the regime to promote locals in the service market, expats are continuously facing stiff competition in fields like engineering, IT, healthcare and banking. This often makes it a mile-long walk for a fresher to secure a job in Saudi Arabia.

However, there sure stands an employment alternative which can be nailed, quite comprehensively- English teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia. With the majority of population being fluent in Arabic, bilingual candidates are direly needed in the country. Plus, the government’s initiative to introduce English language to the university students has not only improved the quality of higher education in Saudi Arabia, but created immense jobs for freshers having a good hold over the language.

Possible Employment Options for English Teachers in Saudi Arabia


A multitude of universities like Imam Muhammad bin Saud University frequently look forward to hire skilled ESL instructors. Most students in the country are found to prepare for exams like TOEFL OR IELTS. Hence, full time English instructors are always in demand, which has pushed Saudi employers to hunt for talent in the international market.

Private Schools in KSA

Private schools in the country primarily follow the British curriculum. You’ll find numerable instances when high school students prepare for the TOEFL ibT test to continue higher education in any western country.

Being a teacher in these schools, you’ll have loads of perks and benefits in your kitty, including transportation and healthcare facilities.

Language Institutes

In making efforts to integrate itself with the global economy, the Saudi regime has opened its doors to foreign business professionals. Various language institutes offering group courses for conversational English are becoming highly prominent in the country. Teachers working around 20-25 hours per week are hired in heavy numbers by such employers.

The Qualifications Required

Having a TEFL certification in your first job would definitely serve as an add-on, but it won’t matter to a considerable extent to any recruiter. Mostly, the employers are looking forward to hire teachers who natively belong to an English speaking background. Plus, holding a bachelor’s degree, with a minimum 6 months of internship experience becomes mandatory, for a lot of hiring managers. However, if you take classes for adults, a CELTA becomes the basic necessity. To sum up, these are some basic constraints that should any day be mentioned in your resume.

The Work Culture You’ll be Facing

Respecting the customs and conventions becomes the prime requirement for you to excel in any Saudi job, so is the case with teaching English. Being in a country that practices male-oriented culture, it is quite crucial for you to keep norms like no driving for women and specific dressing attire, in mind.

Woman will most likely be expected to live in a ‘female-only’ group, with other ESL teachers and instructors. Breaking any of these rules, might cause hardship to you and the employer.

The Remuneration Prospects

The Saudi schools and education centers are known to provide the best kind of salaries to ESL teachers and that too tax-free. Plus, most teaching jobs in the country cover accommodation and flight expenses, accompanies with health insurance and other perks.

However, there are various compounds for expats, in which you’ll be expected to stay with other ESL teachers. Rent might cause some hitch, but these are generally equipped with immense recreational facilities to make your tenure and stay in the country comfortable.

Employment for expats in Saudi Arabia stays high with a plethora of career opportunities. It’s all up to you to make it or break it. Just keep a hard-headed approach and give your best shot.

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