How to get a great Banking Job in Saudi Arabia

How to get a great Banking Job in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has always been on the cusp of great economic development , with a plethora of resources vouching for its active presence in the Gulf region. Talk about OPEC or talk about the deals it is striking with Russia at present, diversification in trade and economy is one thing that has been pulling itself to greater heights by the day in this exotic country. The same has pushed a number of professionals to move on from their menial job routines in their own countries and have a lavish work life in this opportune job destination.

In the last article we talked about all that’s required to be a great English teacher in Saudi Arabia- a profession that’s highly in demand. However, there are other non-oil sectors witnessing growth in this exotic country as well, banking being one of them. The last few years have seen a number of candidates flocking from around the world to target the best opportunities and a lavish work life ahead.

Shared below are 4 such traits that will make you think over all that you need to grow and work upon as a banker in Saudi Arabia. Drop sufficient glances and arm yourself for success.

  • Get Updated with the Industry

First of all, there’s a dire need for you to closely understand the banking industry as it functions in the country. For instance, the country is in the process of raising 10 billion USD from various global banks to embark upon its first debt issuance in the last 25 years. This has downright indicated Riyadh’s dependence on foreign capital, hence will have direct or indirect effects on various banks as well.

Again, this is something that will help you stay in the good books of your manager and a high head amongst your connections in the industry.

  • Understand Relationship Management

As they say around the globe, banking is not a profession of money management but managing relationships. Saudi clients are specific about the profitability of their capital and always find it comfortable dealing with managers giving them the right assurances. Of course, options for banking jobs in the country are immense, but this is one quality that remains consistent throughout –  across all Saudi institutions. You understand the customer’s requirements and then provide solutions that are customized as per the situation. This way, your services will always stand differentiated as compared to others in the Saudi market.

  • Manage Time to the Best

Time management has often been associated with every profession round the globe, but banking is one where you see some serious implications of the same happening. During a single day you must be listening to a zillion customer grievances, taking care of new strategic planning and looking into the current asset growth of your institution as well. Keeping all of these in the right order demands the right time usage hacks that keep you ahead of the schedule always. This also includes foreseeing the possible situations in the future and curating a plan of action to handle them carefully.

  • Start Taking Initiatives


Your employer in the bank has/would hire you taking a plethora of other things into consideration, be it your sponsorship or the accommodation in the country. All he would expect in return would be a growth trend and ample results. Think about it and find ways you can bring in more profit for your brand. Take initiatives on new projects and lead by example –that’s what Saudi employers keenly look forward to.

Enough said, banking in Saudi Arabia is all about playing the basics right. Keep the right approach in your head and you will surely make it to the zenith.

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