5 Reasons to Work in the Saudi Oil Industry

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Home to the largest oil and gas corporations on the planet, Saudi Arabia is blooming in every sphere of its economy with efficiency hitting a boom-boom during every financial year. The Kingdom has already made its position quite clear by openly committing to the fact that they are expecting an ‘optimistic’ future during the long year lying ahead.

Housing the second largest oil reserves on the globe, the country has immense career opportunities for those looking forward to make riches and pull their wagon towards the most desirable career growth. Still in doubt, to work in the oil and gas sector here?

5 Reasons to Work in the Saudi Oil Industry

1) You Earn Loads

First things first- a high income was the first thing that has been motivating you primarily all this while and why not!

In case you’ve been wondering about earning more than just the average salary for your profile, then Saudi Arabia is just the right destination to be in. Not only will you find lucrative prospects as you proceed in your career here, but immense to fill your pocket, coupled with numerous financial perks and incentives as well.

2) The Chance to Work in the Most Flexible Industry

What is the prime thing an employee hunts for, while tapping the job market abroad?

Yes, the flexibility in work timings surely tops the list. But, what about those differentiated by onshore and offshore profiles!

Being in the Saudi oil industry, you’ll be expected to work for 5 days a week with Friday and Saturday being weekly-offs. However, being offshore you’ll be expected to work for straight 12 hours each day for six weeks, followed by a six weeks off to make it comfortable enough for you to catch up with other things as well.

3) A Chance to Feel the Tinge of ‘Sustainability’

Working in a country renowned as one of the largest oil producers in the world, there’s no denying the fact that you get familiar with the concept sustainability and the aftermath associated with it. Yes, you’ve been theoretically bored about discussions pertaining to carbon emissions and water consumption levels, but being aware regarding each subtlety is a different thing altogether. Discussions encircling sustainability and environmental impact escalates the need for stakeholder relations and communication personnel in the industry, hence diverse options for you to excel too!

4) The Global Opportunities You’ll Witness

Energy and oil resources in particular, are found everywhere around the globe. Plus, a multitude of Saudi companies are also developing their resource base in Asia, Africa and the North Atlantic (Offshore). In addition to this, huge multinationals like Chevron have also found a potentially booming market in the country, which is clearly validated by its participation with Kuwait in the Wafra oil field. This has made the Saudi oil industry to come up as a global choice for professionals looking forward to make a run for it.

5) You Collaborate With Professionals

Working in such a huge industry, you’ll not only work with internal teams and units in the department, but with professionals within the industry as well. Right from the best engineers, stakeholders and business analysts, you work with different sorts of people to hone your skills and stay competitive during every instance of your tenure in Saudi Arabia. This a sector where different competitors come forth to mutually work on the best practices and utilize the best technologies to increase efficacy of every operation.

Reasons can be endless to list. But in the end, it all depends on spotting the right one. Saudi Arabia has plenty in store for you. All you need, is to explore!

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