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Working in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is definitely among the hottest job destinations for a growing number of expats. What makes Saudi Arabia as a leading gulf state, the right place to work? Is high-end salary the only reason why expats choose to work in Saudi Arabia?

Read on to find the answers:

High average salaries: Needless to say this is the primary factor that pulls lakhs of expats to this land of dessert and affluence every year. Saudi Arabia offers some of the most top paid jobs in the world in the sectors of education, banking, petroleum, engineering, IT, healthcare and more. Moreover, these tax-free salaries are coupled with free accommodation and other facilities which greatly reduce the expense and thus savings are greater. Only major expenses that remain to borne by the employee is that of food and recreation etc.

Paid holidays: Employment in Saudi Arabia includes a 30 day paid vacation and 10 paid holidays in a year. With enhanced savings, expat working here can enjoy premium holidays in close by tourist hotspots such as Istanbul, Kenya, the Mediterranean etc. In fact, there are a variety of options in tour packages for travellers to enjoy their holidays.

Global community: As much as 40% of the work force in Saudi Arabia is made of expats from all across the globe. This offers immense opportunities for individuals to learn about the cultures of people from around the globe. As men and women are not allowed to mingle in public unless they are related by blood, they both can mingle in groups of their own gender.

Socializing: Opportunities for socializing may seem limited in Saudi Arabia. However, some recreational activities do take place in community centres which help in unwinding and de-stressing. This is a great time for expats to familiarize themselves with people from other parts of the world.

Work culture for women: Women are barred from taking up masculine jobs and restricted to take up more feminine work such as designing, running spas etc. Saudi Arabia is also coming up with a special women-only work zone which will give a better work environment to them.

Other Benefits: Certain other benefits may also get included as a part of your employment term in Saudi Arabia. It is suggested that expats check with their employers regarding such benefits. For instance, most employers provide a paid free (return) air ticket to employees to visit their native at end of a year long term.

The benefits of working in Saudi Arabia are varied. No doubt the country has its own set of rules and regulations which can look rather severe to expats. However, we need to understand that working in any country around the world would entail the employee to abide by the rules and customs prevalent there. And so is the case with Saudi Arabia. The opportunities for qualified and experienced workers are varied in Saudi Arabia.

Read more about living and working in Saudi Arabia. It is recommended to do your research before planning for a relocation to the Kingdom.

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