Purchase Manager& Db Maintenance Engineer – Riyad

Employer: Intellectual Creative Communication Services Pvt Ltd
Industry: Saudi Arabia Jobs
Location: Saudi Arabia

Purchasing Manager,1 person,English&Arabic;
Phone Number:0554801774
1. With rich experience of selecting vendors and managing relationships;
2. Sourcing and qualifying potential suppliers, setting up supplier resource pool;
3. Organizing regular communications with suppliers, establishing good business relationships;
4. Nurtured ongoing relationships with vendors and worked to minimize issues;
5. Maintaining and updating vendor management system and maintain a validity list of the mandatory requirements i.e. CR, Gosi, Zakat;
6. Assist in supporting all activities necessary for maintaining the Vendor Database of information regarding suppliers as requested;
7. Collecting information and continuously analyzing the industry, market, customer, explore potential alternative solutions and thereby ensuring the effectiveness of the procurement strategy/Plan;
8. Supplier evaluations, Survey, collect and review supplier documents;
9. Searching for new supplier. Focus on company long-term goals and successfully manage procurement and supply unit by saving costs and applying principled business negotiation skills;
10. Having sound knowledge of Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Manufactures.
1. Maintain good customer relationships and identify potential customers;
2. Good command of English and Arabic;
3. Extroverted characters and have spirit of good communication ability, group and service consciousness, can bear more pressure;
4. Unlimited nationality;
5. Bachelor degree;
6. More than 5 years of purchasing experience.
Postition: DB Maintanence engineer    
Quantity: 5
Job description
1. Responsible for the IBM alarm platform, operation and maintenance of the Inventory management system
2. Responsible for customer on-site technical support, including business guidance, technical consultation and system problem handling.
3. Responsible for the delivery of relevant documents during the software implementation process
4. Assist the department in assisting operation and maintenance job requirements
5. Familiar with Linux and shell
6. Familiar with oracle, able to use plsql.
7. The electric-power industry background
8.IBM soft (Performance management Fault management ) background (If possible)

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