Server/Waiter – Saudi Arabia

Employer: Intellectual Creative Communication Services Pvt Ltd
Industry: Saudi Arabia Jobs
Location: Saudi Arabia

As with many front-line food service jobs, a WAITER performs the basic customer service
tasks of taking the customer/s orders, processing payment and delivering food or beverages. In
doing so, he becomes the face of the shop, and the quality of his service figures prominently in
the customer’s overall impression of the whole company. Snide or sour baristas can make the
customer feel defensive, awkward or unwelcome, but if the WAITER does a good job, it helps the customer to relax and cheer up, and she’ll be more likely to come back – and to tell others about her good experiences here.
For a truly accomplished WAITER, taking orders and handing out the job is only the
beginning. Many times a customer wants a friend or a confidante, someone to listen to him and
acknowledge him. A great WAITER excels in this, making the customer who wants to talk feel
welcome by lending her ear and participating in conversation. She has the people skills to know when to be witty and when to be sympathetic, offering her perspective for those who have problems and fostering jollity for those who want to have fun.
This level of service can earn deep customer loyalty
and is one of the most valuable assets to any coffeehouse. At the same time, it also implies good logistical skills, because while playing the confidante, the WAITER cannot simply be a schmoozer. He must simultaneously handle the mechanical tasks of his job and know how to pause a conversation tactfully so that he never ignores or delays the customer at the front of the line.

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