Academic Coordinator

Industry: Jeddah

Evaluation of Teachers
-Ensures the curriculum is followed in accordance to the guidelines and policies of our institution.
-Ensures teachers prepare and follow the syllabus established at the beginning of the year.
-Assists and supports the teachers in following the guidelines of their syllabus.
-Assists teachers with report card preparation and balancing their grade book.
-Check lesson plans (2 weeks plan, must include subject, page, brief note of what will be cover, class work and homework).
-Ensures teachers assigned to a particular subject are responsible in preparing the syllabus, lessons, worksheets, and any other materials related to her subject and based on her grade level.
-Recheck lessons which must include subject, topic, lesson number, page, objective, board notes (if any), examples (if any), class work, homework, and any other notes useful to the teachers.
-Ensures teachers are submitting their lessons and any other materials one month before time.
-Revises and proofreads assessment papers or evaluation exams at the end of every term.
-Revises the photocopy request materials for approval.
-Follow up on teacher’s complaints with reference to student’s discipline.
-Attends classes to monitor and evaluate the teaching process to ensure that student needs are considered and met.
-Makes sure that the ethics program is implemented in English. And Pearson realize is active by all teachers.

Student Performance
-Follow up on students who get sick or hurt in the school.
-Follow up on students discipline or other behavior problems in the school.
-Ensures student’s records, profiles, and portfolios are regularly updated, and report to the principal of their status.
-Follow up with students who are struggling academically and report to the principal.
-Assist teachers in developing intervention plan for students who are academically below level.
-Make sure our students always participate in the competitions and events
-Assists in writing formal letters to parents and staff and approving them by the Principal.
-Follow up with the receptionist/school supervisor regarding the absence of students.

Curriculum and Instruction
-Provides active leadership and support for effective instructional strategies, techniques, and methods grounded in research and focused on improved achievement for all students.
-Develop Afterschool and Preschool Curriculum.
-Conducts needs assessment to determine an appropriate program for academic growth.
-Leads and directs efforts for the development and implementation of the School’s Continuous Academic Improvement Plan.
-Search for new Curriculum and propose new textbooks for Principal’s approval.
-Ensures teachers have all the materials needed for their lesson.
-Ensures entrance exam is available for all grade levels.
-Conduct / Supervises entrance exams and approve acceptance and rejections for Afterschool and Preschool.
-Assist in the Annual School Calendar, both scheduling and programs.
-Assist in making the academic supplies budget with the Asset Controller on an annual basis.

Staffing Support
-Carries out interviews and selection of academic personnel with principal.
-Assist in recruiting teachers, scheduling interviews, and lesson demonstrations.
-Assist and train new teachers in following the guidelines for their daily lessons.
-Maintains a filing system of all students’ Report cards, tests, and other evaluation documents.
-Ensures teacher’s assistant or substitute teachers have all the necessary materials for substitution.
-Ensures teacher’s assistant or substitute teachers have ongoing training monthly throughout the year.
-Ensures training of teachers

-Arranges and prepares the timetable for each teacher at the beginning of the year.
-Prepares Duty Schedule for the teachers. Ensure teachers are following the schedule.
-Organizes parent / teacher conference.

-Support and attends meetings with students, faculty, and parents.
-Supervises the production of the school newsletter, and other academic advertising brochures and submit it to the Principal for approval.
-Coordinates weekly meetings with teachers of each class to discuss any progress, changes, or problems in their syllabus, and revise their planner.
-Maintains complete and accurate records (agenda, minutes, supervisory, memos, school, forms, formal letters, academic plans etc.) as requested or required; and submits reports as called for.
-Maintains an academic file for each teacher based on their class or subject.
-Reports directly on daily basis to the principal with regards to progress/problems in the curriculum.
-In general, answering any questions related to academic needs of the curriculum. In any area that the Coordinator is not sure of, she will address the issue to the Principal/Management.

Public Relations
-Coordinates and assist teachers on any activity or school functions.
-Cooperates with the members of the administration on school activities and field trips.
-Follow up and maintains an update on the school activity based on the school calendar.
-Ensures memos or letters are distributed on the allotted time.
-Follow up on daily basis on teachers that are absent or on leave as to ensure her/his class is not affected.
-Plan the Preschool end of year party with school Staff and Principal.

Work Ethics
-Demonstrates personally integrity at all times, as well as strong interpersonal skills.
-Shows sensitivity, care, confidentiality and insight when dealing with others.
-Develops strategies to promote positive relationships among staff and work with the management to address problems that might arise between colleagues.
-Supports the Arabic curriculum and Arabic staff throughout the school which means to make sure that students have time to take the Arabic class and support the teachers whenever she needs more time with kids or any other support.
-Works as a member of the school’s management to establish a positive work ethics and pleasant working environment for students and staff.
-In general, the Academic Principal supports and assist teachers/coordinators with any academic matters in the smooth running of the School which may include other non-mentioned duties. She also assists the Principal in enforcing and maintaining the standard and policies of the school. And in the event the Principal is absent, the Academic Principal will continue with the smooth running of the school and report any major incident to the Principal or Head of Department.

Others Duties
-Ensure the translation of formal letters, memos, and any other documents are correct in English in terms it makes sense or needs rephrasing to sound better when receiving any document from our translator.
-Schedules and conducts entrance exams and seminars for parents.
-Conduct Teaching Evaluation in weekly basis for Afterschool and Preschool teachers.
-Call the parents when the student is misbehaving and take appropriate corrective actions as per our behavior policy.
-Inform the parents with the results of any test (assessment and entrance).
-Prepare the academic/activity Calendar for the year, for Camps, Afterschool and Preschool.
-Assist Teachers and Child cares with decorating the school based on the theme.
-Conduct seminars for parents.
-Assist in planning of professional development trainings for Teachers as well to facilitate and conduct Teachers Training.
-Communicate with FTK International and get update of any new program and attend the franchise annual master meeting.
-Coordinate/Interact with

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